Project changes

Release History

Version Date Description
1.1.1 25-10-2009 Project setup
1.1.2 14-12-2009 Project advanced setup
1.1.3 22-01-2010 Project refactorings
2.1.1 12-05-2010 AMT web application

Release 1.1.1 - 25-10-2009

Type Changes By
add added project to svn repository barti
add created m2 repository on barti
add deployed dependant libraries to jade4script repository barti
add created archetype for quick development startup barti
add deployed archetype to repository barti
add filled project metadata to project's pom barti
add deployed project's web site to barti
add configured project's changes announcements barti
add configured track issue system for project. Can be reached on site: barti
add configured maven release management plugin barti
add configured mailing list for project: barti

Release 1.1.2 - 14-12-2009

Type Changes By
update update announcement mail to show maven dependency for release, that can be added to pom barti
add added assembly configuration - to assembly zip, bzip2 and gzip packages barti
add configuring maven to deploy zip, bzip2 and gzip artifacts to releases directory and jar artifact to maven directory barti
add added implementation of scriptServices module, which simplifies integration of Java and scripting environment (extends JSR-223) barti
add added implementation of scripting agent barti

Release 1.1.3 - 22-01-2010

Type Changes By
update changed project architecture to hierarchical modules (ScriptServices, businessModel) barti

Release 2.1.1 - 12-05-2010

Type Changes By
add Creating web application "Agent Management Tool" for central agent management barti
add created new module dataModel, which holds model objects barti
add created new module scriptGenerator, which generates script from provided model objects barti
add Created selenium test for AMT application barti
update Prepared for delivery barti