About Root configuration

This project emerged as my Diploma thesis assignment: "framework for mobile multiagent systems". Jade4script is a framework, which adds support of scripting languages to robust and well known JADE framework. With this framework the behaviors of JADE agents can be controlled by scripting languages. Since scripting languages are interpreted, there is no need for compilation of source code, which manages Agent behavior. This code is the one, which is most frequently changed by the developers due to purposes of testing or continual change of functionality. The obvious advantage of this approach is in dynamic and rapid change of agent behavior even during runtime, so there is no need to restart the running system. Main goal of my research was to simplify agent creation. Therefore I created a GUI application for agent management called "Agent management tool". This application enables to store agents and their behaviors and it's main feature is the online deployment of agents to agent platform with scripting support. Dynamic change of agent's behavior is also possible with the GUI.